For Goods:

Goods shall be dispatched in maximum 2 working days unless otherwise stated in goods specific terms and conditions or as conveyed by buyer. It is not applcable on same day surprises
Delivery is only possible in Delhi/NCR.
Extra charge of 100 rs per item would be charged.


For Services:

Services shall be delivered as per timelines mentioned in terms and conditions of particular services. Contact customer care for more details. Our surprises are mostly event driven and hence can be delivered during that event only.  Start timing of surprise or service can vary +- 2 hours unless otherwise stated in the terms of condition of particular service. In case of uncontrolled event delivery of surprise may be cancelled as mentioned in cancellation policy mentioned above. Refund conditions applicable are also mentioned above.


Surprise time length:

It may differ by +-20% of the mentioned time.

Other terms and conditions:

All text, trademark illustrations used by OrderHappiness are protected by copyright  and must not be copied without prior permission of OrderHappiness
Similarly photos, videos and other such material can’t be used by any one for commercial purpose including the buyer.  OrderHappiness may use it for promotional purpose. OrderHappiness will hold no responsibility for  any damage or consequences for commercial use by buyer.
While we take utmost care while selecting our partners, inclusion of them doesn’t mean that we guarantee their satisfactory performance.