From the FOUNDER

It all started when I wanted to go out on a date with my girlfriend on her birthday but didn’t know what to do to make it special for both us. We had watched no. of movies together and explored various eateries on various occasions. Those days we used to work in the same organization and proximity to each other helped us making those small things possible. I had gifted her a phone, a watch, branded attires, some personalized gifts on previous occasions and I had no clue what to do this time. Now I wanted to do something truly different for her and I realized that an idea was doing rounds in my mind for quite some time. Delivering her a surprise in Bollywood style!! Nah,  Not the usual idea of delivering a cake and flowers at 12 p.m. I managed to plan couple of creative surprises which she adored and remembers even today. I had a tough time taking those heavenly ideas a shape of reality. Even though I had enough time to plan everything courtesy less work pressure those days but the effort which I anticipated was far less than what it actually took.

Talking to various agencies who could help me, making them understand what I require and then collaborating them to deliver an immaculate surprise. Phew! Was quite an effort. That idea remained with me as I faced similar challenges on various occasions which were not only meant for my better half but also for other family members and friends. Soon my colleagues/friends also started taking help of me in delivering something special for their loved ones. Most of them were falling in 3 categories. First were those who had no time to plan and execute due to demanding office commitments but wanted to enjoy those occasions to the hilt. It doesn’t matter whether they could think about a surprise or plan it because the major constraint for them was the time.  Second were those who had ideas and time but didn’t know how to proceed further. It does require some persistence to get the things done. Third category belonged to those who had no idea and also needed support in execution.

I having  delivered whacky, crazy, romantic surprises for various peeps around me, thought of taking it to the next orbit by launching a company helping others to deliver surprise's. Now it is our goal to spread happiness all around and OrderHappiness is doing just that :)

Happpiness Innovators

These guys innovate and design surprises for you. They interact with you, fathom the growing needs and develop surprises.

Surprise Managers

These guys come in the picture once you have placed the order. Surprise managers execute the ideas at ground level.


These guys support Happiness innovators and Surprise managers so that they can serve you in the best possible manner.


These are external stakeholders who are equally creditable as anybody else within the organization in delivering happiness.


Responding to customer's needs, queries, issues, in minimum time possible


Consistent strive towards creativity to render best in class surprises.


Treating customer as your friend and doing things the way we do it for our friends.


Sharing happiness. We exist for it!

Destiny has selected us to bring a part of heaven to you. Heavenly surprises, Heavenly feelings, Heavenly Life!!


To be India’s most innovative, responsive and efficient surprise provider organization sensing ever changing customer requirements in order to render best celebration solutions to make their occasions worth living for!


To provide most innovative, personalized and efficient celebration solution to customers be it individuals, groups or corporates. To provide best in class working environment to our employees. To create tangible value for our partners. To create tangible value for our stakeholders


We know every client is completely unique with its needs and purposes. We treat them as such, and they just love us for it.